Art is among the purest and highest elements of human happiness. As the sun colours flowers, so does art colour lives

- John Lubbock

The Art Pool ( TAP) is an online multi category marketplace that *aims at connecting artists* from rural,urban backgrounds, budding as well as professional artists from the different parts of India and various age groups and giving them a platform to showcase their aesthetic brilliance through their creative Handmades, paintings and products through a safe and secure payment portal to their rightful potential buyers.
We firmly stand for 'Vocal for Local'.
It is our endeavour to give them their due credit and help them financially by helping them with the right marketing and advertising tools through our website and social media pages.
It will also be a one of a kind shopping and artful experience for art connoisseurs as they can browse through an array of various artforms ranging from canvas paintings,mandala art, handmade dolls and a plethora of unique customised Handmade options.
Hence TAP is the perfect amalgamation of Art and Technology as the art from the unknown corners of India can be viewed easily on your phone and laptop screens and delivered all over India simply at the click of a button. Isn't that interesting?
As much as we cater to retail orders we also accept bulk and corporate orders. Corporate gifting can be tricky as it should be unique, creative and also should fit the budget.
We at The Art Pool have a plethora of options for corporate and bulk gifting ranging from printed Mugs and other merchandise,Tshirts, and also decoupaged products,canvas paintings,mandala art for the niche clientele.
We believe that a piece of art can break the monotony of regular gifting and we would be delighted to offer you customised and tailor made options as per your requirement of quantity and cost.

Who can sell their art at TAP?

Every Artist was an amateur first' and we believe that the artistic potential of India is unparalleled.

Our USP:-

"TAP: The one stop solution to all your problems be it sellers or customers.But how?"

For Sellers:-
For Buyers

For The Artist

  1. Register with The Art Pool for free.

  2. Send us good quality clear images of your artwork to display on the website.(Better photos means better sales).Also we will be displaying the artist name to help you gain recognition.

  3. If customer books your products,you need to ship it to him/her directly packed safely or if there are any customisations we will let you know and then you can make as per requirement.

  4. After product is shipped securely you shall receive payment.

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By this way, the artist gets monetary gains, and the buyer gets a high quality handmade product. This would also make us happy as we would be the connection between the two, and be involved in making lives colourful through art.

"Let's TAP the Untapped" is our tagline, and we truly believe that Art is for everyone!